Marketing Approach

The ThinkerDigital marketing requires the same kind of rigor and strategy that you would apply to any aspect of running your business. My approach follows these steps:

  1. Know Your Objective. Identify a clear and measurable business objective (at least one)
  2. Know Your Audience. Identify a clear target audience (at least one)
  3. Know All Constraints. Determine available budget and timing requirements
  4. Audit Your Resources. Identify all assets that can integrated with digital marketing. These typically fall into three categories:
    • Owned Media: Your product, sales force, store materials, events, call center, e-newsletter, Facebook page, etc.
    • Paid Media: Traditional (TV, radio, print, billboards, etc.) and Digital (display ads, paid search, etc.)
    • Partner Media: The assets of suppliers, retailers, or other strategic partners
  5. Choose Wisely. Determine which digital marketing tactics make sense for your objective, audience, available assets, and budget/timing constraints (conduct research to help answer this question). See a table I created to illustrate how to select.
  6. Integrate Smartly. Determine integration plan for digital with all other assets (which are drivers, which are destinations, which are both)
  7. Prepare for Results. Determine measurement plan for digital (necessary tracking, testing, reports, internal and external benchmarks, and plans for optimization)
  8. Apply Best Practices. Review applicable case studies and consult other resources to know what best practices to follow for each tactic used
  9. Execute & Optimize
  10. Measure & Learn. Measure against benchmarks, identify consumer and campaign insights, report, and present recommendations

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