Taking your next performance review online

Usually I like to discuss digital tricks to communicate to your customers in an effective and accountable way. But today I want to share a fellow Boulder tech start-up that is using digital to bring an important company task–performance reviews–into the 21st century.

The company is Kapta Systems and I met them at last week’s Boulder Beta networking event as part of Boulder’s StartUp Week. I had just been discussing with my boss how our growing company needs more transparency and accountability in how we manage our employees. But HR is usually the last thing that gets focused on by a small, fast-growing company. Instead, it’s management by results. Produce results and you are therefore doing a good job. No time to stop and set goals, monitor, and measure.

Kapta seems to have a great solution for small business. Every worker gets their own webpage with their goals and management can easily log-in to monitor, set meetings, measure, and document the whole process. ¬†And, it’s free technology for up to 20 users!

Check it out…

BTW, this Denver start-up was also at the event: RideoRama. Great concept for community ride-sharing to/from the DIA airport. The car owner offers up seats and a requested price and the rider tells them what they are willing to pay. It’s another application of the digital marketplace concept (eBay) that is sorely needed.

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