Selling tech to businesses? Try webinars

A great digital marketing approach to educating your business clients on something complicated is to create a webinar. You can quickly share your screen with any number of attendees and show them how any online process works. I have attended many of these with companies such as and walked away with a better feeling of the company’s software.

If you have attended one, you surely know how they work. And there are lots of providers out there.

One I can recommend is GoToMeeting. They allow you to create a webinar sign-up form with a limited amount of custom copy and images. Then, they make it easy to log on and see how many people signed-up.

You can automate a whole bunch of emails to help communicate with your registrants, including immediate thank you emails and reminder emails that can be sent out days (or even hours) before the session. People are spacey when it comes to remembering things they signed up for, so definitely use this feature.

Other cool features of GoToMeeting:

  • You can also automate the follow-up emails to people who attended and even those that missed it
  • You can record the webinar and save it as a file or link, to send out to attendees or others
  • You can easily give the Presenter ability to anyone on the call, so you can see their screen. You can even give yourself control of their screen! (spooky)
  • You can set it up to mute certain people or allow everyone to chime in
  • You can use their IM feature to field questions at the end of the webinar, and even save these comments for later
If you cannot afford GTM’s very reasonable fees (monthly fee per user), definitely check out They impressed me with how simple it is to create an event where you can share your screen and audio.
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