Yes, the Daily Deal sites work for B2B too!

I recently advised a company on how to get in front of their hard-to-reach tech-savvy small business target. The advice was to consider taking advantage of the growing trend of Deal of the Day websites to list their software service.

Sure, you have heard of the consumer-facing Daily Deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social (on the big scale) and WeeklyPlus and DealPepper (on the Denver scale).  But there is also a burgeoning B2B scene. The one that impressed me the most was

Check ‘em out if you have a B2B product or service to offer and your marketing plan has a focus on new customer acquisition. You might have to give up more than you want (in terms of a percentage of your sale) in exchange for the impressions and sales you receive. But hey, you’re getting exposure to a large list of small business owners that are more tech-savvy than most and are clearly looking for a deal.

Plus, BizDeals is a newer site and will definitely  go out of its way to promote your deal on their site (it’s in their best interest, after all, since they are basically performance marketers.)

For example, my client received great exposure via their website (of course), but also in a PRNewswire release, their weekly email, and on their FB and Twitter pages.  The online mentions and inbound links definitely aided my client’s SEO. Not bad.

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