What’s a good press release company?

The digital marketing experts that I network with have recently asked me for recommendations about good press release distribution companies. I have the most experience with PRNewswire – here’s how they work:

You upload your release online and go through a series of questions about who you want to see your release. This includes selecting the geography (international, US regions, cities), the industries (ex: retail, consumer goods, IT, wireless), and other targeting choices such as investment-focused audiences, in case you are looking to get attention from possible acquirers.

They charge a la carte, so you see what you’re paying after you make each selection. Then, they give you a ring and discuss the release and make some suggestions. They send you a final draft to review, and then you’re off and running (whole process can take 1-2 hours, that’s all).

I used PRNewswire for a recent release and within hours I saw 500+ pick-ups on Google. Amazing. I waited a few days and checked my Google Analytics and saw a nice bump from the traffic. And several good Goal Conversions (aka leads). Then, the journlists began contacting my client, asking to write a story. Perfect.

Then, the LinkedIn requests came in from a wide variety of companies interested in my client. One was even in the business of acquiring companies. As a digital marketing specialist, I have been skeptical about the power of press releases on other digital channels. But this tactic definitely works.

mShopper’s press release is here, if you’re interested.

Now, you’re gonna have to pay for this service (>$1000). But if you integrate this tactic into your other digital/offline marketing efforts, you should  see a nice, trackable bump in traffic and leads. If you’re more strapped for cash, then a free service like Free-Press-Release.com works, but won’t get you anywhere near the distrbution you’ll get from a paid service.

Good luck!     -Ken

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  1. Just tried Businesswire’s service, and am more impressed with these guys! Better pricing and much better analytics! Plus, they had a local office and I received two visits from their Account person to educate me on how to get the most out of the service.

    Check ‘em out

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